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St Vincent and the Grenadines
    (base: St Lucia)


The LIG sailing's 2018 trip was to Grenadines in St Vincent.

  Dates:  April 7, 2018 to April 14, 2018
Briefing at 4pm Saturday, board at 6pm.
    Updated length of trip: 7 days and 8 nights.

Destination:  Sparkling waters of St Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenadines.

bulletTemps: 74 to 84 F year around (23-28 C) 
bulletWinds: North-Easterly trades at 15-25 knots
bulletNote:  This is a trip where there is more open ocean sailing than previously.  We are assured of plenty of wind and swells on some of the transits.  It is a Level 3 sailing rating.

HISTORY:  We return to St Lucia 11 years from the last trip over new years (Click for memento page)   Except, this time, sailing South from St Lucia (instead of North).  Destinations: St Vincent and Grenadines

Please read this "Jewels of the Caribbean" <-- Wonderful travel article for a sail between these islands.

More information:

Cost Estimate$1800 plus airfare - see below

Airfare ideas:

Plan to arrive by mid afternoon on 4/6 for early boarding, or at least my mid-day on 4/7.  The Martinka's are leaving on 4/5 to arrive 4/6. 

bullet(SLU) George Charles (Vigie) airport - 30 minutes from the base.
bullet(UVF) Hewanorra International airport - 85 minutes from the base.

Departures after 2 pm on Sat 4/14 are safe.

Where mountains meet the sea.  The Pitons rise like fangs.  The Caribbean's 'Bora-Bora'.  Second or last night spent here.

Soufriere and the Pitons, St. Lucia


Possible Itinerary: 
bullet St Lucia to and from Grenadines

Actual Itinerary:

bulletDay 1 (April 6):  Boarded the boat at 6pm. Boat checkout, and eat on shore. Slept on board.
bulletDay 2 :  Cruise briefing.  Last provisioning.  Sailed to the Pitons (17nm).  Curry dinner on board. Checked out of St Lucia
bulletDay 3 : Early 6 am departure for Grenadines (80nm).  Passed St Vincent to leeward. Arrived 3 pm at Port Elizabeth on Bequia for cutoms checkin.  Ate out at Max's.
bulletDay 4:  Mild 8 am departure for Tobago Cays (30 nm).  Passed Canaucan to leeward.  Arrived 2 pm at the anchorage.  Ate a lobster BBQ on the beach after snorkeling reefs.
bulletDay 5: After early turtle snorkeling, left at 1 pm for Mayreau (4 nm).  Swim  moor in Windward bay for snorkeling.  Arrived 5 pm at Saline Bay for on-board BBQ salmon dinner.
bulletDay 6: Left at 7 am for a northward trip to St Vincent (38 nm).  After a lunchtime custom checkout and lunch at Blue Lagoon Marina, sailed up to Kearton's Bay for an on-board chili dinner.
bulletDay 7: Left at 6 am for a challenging close reach to St Lucia (50 nm) passing the Pitons.  Took a late lunch and snorkel in the Anse Cochon Bay before finishing at a mooring ball at secluded Margiot Bay.
bulletDay 8: Left at 8 am for a upwind sail to Pigeon Island on Rodney Bay (10 nm) where spent last night at anchor.  Ate on shore at the rustic Jame de Bois.  Mostly Grilled Mahi-mahi and live jazz music. 
bulletDay 9 (April 14): At 9am motored to Rodney Bay marina to check in the boat.

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Sailboat Information

Boat Possibilities (partial)  Layout and Specs

Sunsail 41 foot Sloop   More Specs

3 cabin, 2 heads, 3 showers, no AC, twin wheels

3D-360  Virtual Tour


Actual image of crew on Day 3 under full sail!

Grenadines Crew

1 Joe Martinka fully paid SFO to UVF.  Arriving 1441 on April 6. AA2295

UVF to SFO.  Leaving 1530 on April 14. AA818

2 Dorian Martinka
3 Jeff Dunham fully paid Arrived a day earlier, and departed two days later, taking advantage shore time in St Lucia
4 Michelle Krick
5 Dan Geiszler fully paid Arriving after traveling to Washington and NYC tours
6 Diane Eaton


How to join:

  1. Decide if a St. Lucia/Grenadines  sail sounds great and the April  timing works for you.
  2. Call or email Joe.  408-735-SAIL (7245)
  3. Send $500 per person to reserve your berths.   
    bulletJoe Martinka
    1760 Laurentian Way
    Sunnyvale CA  94087
  4. Once your trip is confirmed by email from Joe, make your air reservations. 
  5. Bookmark  this page
  6. Pre-cruise party/planning as well as crew discussions early next year..

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Estimate:  $1800 per person   Actual: $1540

Ouch.  This is higher than previous LIG sails.  It is due to that fact that this is prime sailing season in the islands, and during the Spring Break weeks.   In other words, 'high season'.   This year, unavoidable.  

This cost is estimated based on

bullet the expected number of people who sign up  (e.g. 6, 8, 12 or 16)
bulletthe cost and quality  of the boat(s) that we have reserved based on availability,
bulletsplit provisioning (the food on board  at $50/person/day),
bulletbeverages, bar
bulletand a small buffer. 

Some items are estimates, and are based on previous cruises. 

Any trip payment not spent will be refunded after we get back from the trip. 

The deposit of $500 per person is non refundable if you decide not to go, and another person cannot be found to take your place.  Full payment will be due in late January. 

Assumptions for boat and provisioning estimate: 

bulletSpring Break Sail for 7 days and 8 nights.   
bullet6 pm early boarding Friday,
bullet1 pm sail south on Saturday.   (after chart briefing and provisioning)

Not Included

        This estimate does not include airfare, souvenirs, any extra nights lodging or other touring on the islands. 

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Page updates


8/18/17 : first edit


8/24 /17: added second pair of crew members.  Only 2 more to go for minimum quorum.


10/18:/17  Finally got a the minimum crew together.  Some of the boat choices were already reserved.


4/18/18:  First post-cruise edit


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