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The LIG Sailing's 2019  cruise

Seychelles - Indian Ocean Sailing


Destination:  Mahé Island

  Date to board:  26 June 2019 (3 pm boarding)
Disembark:  6  July 2019 (9 am disembark)

Times of provisioning and chart briefings to be settled later

  Level III Sailing - some open ocean.  brisk SE winds

More information:

Cost Estimate$1700 per person - see below

Includes boat, insurance, beverages, food, berthing

Airfare ideas:

Seychelles International Airport :  Code SEZ

Getting 10,000 miles by air looks to be relatively expensive.   But then again:

bulletDon't go first class. :-)
bulletIt is a longish trip from US, so prices match. 
bulletMake this trip efficient by stopping along the way for a leveraged tour
bulletSome travel information
bulletfrom SunSail: base info
bulletfrom Dream Yachts:  base info
bulletGeneral Information about the Islands
bulletSeychelles (Indian Ocean)  Wikitravel
bulletSeychelles by Wikipedia
bulletSailing Itinerary
bullet 7 days, too short  but hints at what can happen
bulletsome days, just chillin' and divin'


Goals:  First boat reserved by Sep 30
             Second boat (if enough crew and skipper) by Oct 31

For more details, call Joe at 408-234-4268, or email at exegrec3 at yahoo dot com.

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The Seychelles are an impressive destination for a yacht charter, with gorgeous tropical islands, sandy beaches and imposing granite rocks polished by the relentless waves of the Indian Ocean. They are known for giant palm trees and the famous coco de mer coconuts and turquoise inlets fringed with lush green takamakas shading fine, white sand beaches. 

Encounter giant tortoises, sea turtles and huge coconut crabs, or even swim alongside the world’s largest fish species: the magnificent whale shark. Diving and snorkelling in the Seychelles is among the very best on Earth, with the native wildlife largely unafraid of humans.

Sailboat Information


Boat Options Layout
Sunsail 444 Catamaran   More Specs   RESERVED ON 9/10/18
(same type as sailed in Greece 2015)

Cool looking Virtual Tour

Reservations  --

How to join:

  1. Call or email Joe with questions.
  2. Send deposit check for $400 to:
    bulletJoe Martinka
    1760 Laurentian Way
    Sunnyvale CA  94087
  3. Once the trip is confirmed with enough signups and boat is reserved (learn by email notification), make your air reservations. 
  4. Second deposit $600 by January 6, 2019
  5. Final payment (around $800) by April 6, 2019


1 Joe Martinka deposit received  After the sail committed to a Tanzania bike trip in and around the Serengeti National park.
2 Dorian Martinka
3 Jeff Dunham deposit received skipper qualified
4 Michelle Krick
5 Sam Martin deposit received skipper qualified
6 Laura Martin
7 Arielle Martinka grad present, deposit received maybe to Africa afterwards
8 Jehan Keval
9 Megan Oza deposit received part of the UCSB contingent
10 Abhilasha Kumar
11 Paul Rygaard ? considering  
wait list      

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Estimate:  $1700 per person  (prime season for sailing at south latitudes)

This is higher than the typical LIG tour.  That is due primarily to the fact that it is 10 day trip, not 7 days.  Also due to the remoteness of the Seychelles where all fuel and many foodstuffs are imported.

The $1900 is based on the first boat costs with a nominal 8 people.  If ultimately there are two boats, we will be splitting the full cost equally.   The cost may be about $20 less if the first boat is crewed at 10 people instead of 8.

This cost is estimated based on the expected number of people who sign up, the cost of the boat hat we have reserved, split provisioning (the food on board), restaurants on shore, beverages, bar and a small buffer.  Some items are estimates, and are based on previous cruises. 

There is a second deposit due at the six month point of $600.  This covers the fixed boat costs.  This total deposit of $1000 per person is non refundable if you ultimately cancel out, and another person cannot be found to take your place. 

 Full payment will be due on April  6th. 


bullettrip deposit fall 2018 of $400
bulletsecond deposit Jan 2019 of $600
bulletfinal payment Apr 2019 of $700

Any trip payment not spent will be refunded after we get back from the trip. 


Assumptions for boat and provisioning estimate: 

Late June  sail for 11 days and 10 nights.  

Split provisioning on boat $40/day/person  (Possibly online, for example: O'Quay Shopping)
Beverage allowance of $200 per person

Not Included

        This estimate does not include airfare, souvenirs, extra nights lodging, dive boat costs, scuba gear costs, or other touring in Seychelles or en-route. 

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Page updates


8/27/18  First Draft with initial details


9/1/18   Added three sign-ups within hours after public posting 


9/8/18  Added three more signups to make 8.  First boat crewed.  


9/10/18 Made boat reservation.  Set the dates.


9/13/18 Added two more crew to the wait list for 2ncd boat.


9/24/18 Two backed out of 2nd boat.  3 people still known to be considering


10/13/18 Added two more people with deposits to the wait list.


10/16/18 Decision to add the 2 crew to the 1st boat.  Adjusted prices.


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